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 Bark Blowing Availability

Welcome to Best In The West!

Since 1992, we have been doing our very best to assist our customers in being successful with their landscaping or gardening projects.  Best In The West serves all of Central Oregon with deliveries.

We grind our bark daily and our soil is tested.  Quality of our products is our priority for our residential and commercial customers.

What Are The Benefits of

1.  Your plants will be protected in the heat of summer or the freeze of the winter.
Barkdust deters weeds and helps prevent erosian.
3.  You will save water.  A 3 inch layer of
Barkdust prevents up to 50% of water evaporation.
4.  Your bark is mulch, so over time
Barkdust provides humus and nutrients to your soil.
5.  The fruits of your labor will look beautiful as
Barkdust adds that clean finished look.

Please call for free estimates of Accurate Coverage.  541-548-5748
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Hemlock Medium
Fir Bark Medium Red/Dark
Fir Nuggets
Colored Fir
Econo Fir
Top Soil
Soil Mix
Mushroom Compost
Dairy Compost
Urban Wood Chips
Cedar Chips
Dark Fine Mulch
Shredded Juniper
Pea Gravel
Decorative Gravel
River Rock
Taffy Rock

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